The Latest in Remote Starters Installed by the Experts at Automotive Universe

Start your car without having to deal with poor outdoor conditions, either freezing winter cold, or scorching summer heat. We sell and install remote car starters in Red Deer Alberta, as a practical and affordable upgrade for your vehicle.

Smartphone Remote Starter

Make use of your existing smartphone by adding a remote car starter feature to it. You will have all the features of a traditional starter with the added benefits of being able to monitor your car’s status and remotely shut off the engine. Plus, there is no range limit, so you can have access to your car from anywhere in the world that has cellular service capabilities.

Put Total Car Control in the Palm of Your Hand

With Automotive Universe, you can have the right remote car starter option for your vehicle. Our expertise has proven time and again that we know how to handle making your car more convenient for your lifestyle. We offer the best remote car starter solutions so you can be certain of great quality, outstanding value, and trusted reliability.

Stay safe and warm while trusting in a reliable remote starter for your vehicle. Our professional technicians at Automotive Universe can help you select the right remote starter for your car and we’ll expertly install it for you too. You will be able to jump into a warm car that’s ready to ride when you are.

We carry the perfect remote starter for your car in a large inventory you can choose from, including: 

Traditional Remote Starters

We can provide you with the remote system that is capable of starting your car before you are ready to get into it. There are numerous options available, from one-way remotes to two-way remotes with LED colour screens. Add features like door locks, trunk release, panic button, and alarm for convenience, safety, and full control of your car from distances up to over 1 kilometer.

Expert Remote Car Starter Installation

To avoid potential remote car starter failure, you need your starter device installed by experienced professionals. That professionalism is exactly what you can expect at Automotive Universe. We know how to handle wiring connections and insulation to avoid corrosion that causes malfunction issues. We will ensure that your remote car starter operates as if it were factory installed by the auto manufacturer without interfering with any other electrical functions within your car.

No matter which brand or type of remote starter you choose, the technicians at Automotive Universe will install it right so you can trust that it will work today, tomorrow, and into the future.

Call Automotive Universe today and let us help you find your remote car starter with just the right features from a wide selection that is sure to meet your needs.

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