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When it comes to automotive lighting, from LED headlights, to light bars and everything in between, Automotive Universe in Red Deer Alberta has what you are looking for. Our automotive experts will outfit your car, tractor, off-road vehicle, or truck with the perfect lighting that looks great and shines the way forward.

LED headlights are the perfect long-lasting and durable lighting option for your vehicle. The bulbs are semiconductors that react to electrical current, producing light in the colour and intensity you choose. They are a great energy-efficient addition to any vehicle and are absolutely perfect for off-road action.

We also carry a variety of halo headlights to give your vehicle a great look with the best quality lighting brands at your disposal. You can give your vehicle a custom, sharp, and sporty appearance with quality halo headlights.

Light Bars

We can make sure your light bars fit right no matter what type of vehicle you need new lighting on. With several sizes available and colour options too, your vehicle will have all the lighting you need whether it is for off-road driving or your specialized service vehicle.

Our Array of Lighting Products Available for your Vehicle

We carry a full complement of automotive lighting solutions from the customary to the specialized. No matter what type of vehicle you drive, we will light it up for you with the perfect fit and the right lights you need. Whether you want interior or exterior lights, those that brighten the way or lights to enhance the look of your vehicle, we have it all right here at Automotive Universe.


You have come to the right place for Light Emitting Diode (LED) lights for all vehicle types. Give your nighttime visibility every advantage with today’s most luminescent lighting options that last longer and shine brighter than any old-style automotive light bulbs ever could.

Interior Lights

Sometimes you need to see clearly inside your vehicle. We have you covered with enhancements to your current lighting or by adding new lights in a wide range of sizes and colours that can set the mood inside your vehicle. Whether it is to make a design statement or it is for practical use, our interior lighting options offer the right solution for your vehicle’s interior lighting.

Make Automotive Universe your lighting expert for any vehicle. Call us today for the best in service and quality headlights, automotive LED lights, light bars, and much more. We offer professional installation and expert advice for all your automotive exterior and interior lighting needs.

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