When it comes to your vehicle, the effects of parking outside in winter can vary widely-and none of them are great. Let’s face it, we live in Canada and, although we don’t actually ride polar bears to work, we may as well when that mid-January cold snap hits and we’re left with a frozen vehicle.


If you’re wondering what the coming winter months will mean for your vehicle, here are a few things to watch out for when storing your car outside in winter.


Parking Your Vehicle Outside Will Likely Result in a Frozen Windshield

A cold morning without a remote car starter means a cold vehicle. We’ve all been there, it’s 7:30 am and you’ve got 20 minutes less than you really need to trudge out in the snow, start the car, and THEN have to wait for the interior to warm up. On top of all that, your windshield may be frosted over too. If you are in a rush and try to leave before the defrost kicks in completely, you’ll be dealing with low visibility-a dangerous endeavor which could even get you a ticket.


One of the Most Common Cold Weather Car Problems: A Dead Battery

One problem you may run into is that your vehicle may not even start. When temperatures drop, fluids inside the vehicle will thicken with the cold, and make starting the car more difficult. If you have a weak battery or don’t plug your vehicle in overnight, you may end up with a dead battery when you wake up. Another contributor to a dead battery is that it is supplying a lot more power over the winter months. Your headlights run longer as the sun dips sooner, and the heat in your vehicle takes more power to generate than air conditioning in the summer.


If You Leave Your Vehicle Outside, You’ll Have to Shovel the Sidewalk and Your Car!

Perhaps one of the most annoying parts about winters in Canada is having to shovel the sidewalk. If you live in a condo or apartment building-good for you! But know that all the homeowners are at least a little bit jealous. Living situation aside, if you park your vehicle outside in the winter you will no doubt end up having to remove snow off the vehicle as well. If this year is anything like last, we might be setting records again, so be prepared!


These are all problems you will face when you park your vehicle outdoors during the winter. You can try to bribe your kids to go out and start the car for you, but we all know how that goes. A better solution would be to purchase a skillfully installed remote car starter. At Automotive Universe, we carry a large inventory of remote starters including remote start from your smartphone.


If you want to make this winter a little bit cozier, we have the solution for you!